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Tootie Fruities®

Tootie Fruities® are bursting with fun fruity flavors and bright colors to make your cereal bowl sing. No artificial flavors or high fructose corn syrup in sight, either. Made with multi-grains and 12 essential vitamins and minerals, you get a dose of wholesome with all the fabulous fruity fun!

malt-o-meal contains no high fructose corn syrup

Always use the consumer package for nutritional information as formula and ingredient changes may occur at any time and may not match the website.

FFO 7.0

nutrition facts for tootie fruities multigrain cereal by malt-o-meal
tootie fruities multigrain cereal bag by malt-o-meal malt-o-meal tootie fruities breakfast cereal box
10 in top 50 selling cereals are malt-o-meal


10 Malt-O-Meal® cereals are among the nation’s top 50 selling cereals¹