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Honey Nut Scooters Featured on “TODAY”

The Cooking Light“Tasties” Award-winning Malt-O-Meal®Honey Nut Scooters® are featured on the “TODAY Show.” Hoda and Kathie Lee are big fans!

Malt-O-Meal Honey Nut Scooters 2012 Taste Test Award

Honey Toasted Os Testers tried each whole-grain cereal dry, then added milk to see how the Os held up. GRAND PRIZE WINNER: Malt-O-Meal Honey Nut Scooters A sweet malty note complements nutty, whole-grainy goodness (a serving provides 25% of the … Continue reading

Clark Howard: Save money in the cereal aisle

When you’re walking down the cereal aisle, there’s a way you can save big bucks by looking at one particular off-brand of cold cereal. MOM Brands® Co., formerly known as Malt-O-Meal, makes giant bags of cereals that are essentially knockoffs … Continue reading

Discount Cereals Take on Brand Names

As you sit down to eat breakfast this morning, there is a chance you’re pouring a bowl of cereal. But what you might not know is that you could be saving some serious cash on your cereal of choice. We … Continue reading

Brand Name vs. Store Brand: ‘GMA’ Tastes

ABC News’ Becky Worley reports: What groceries do we buy most consistently? In my house it’s bread, milk, and cereal! And I’m not alone- the average American eats 160 bowls of cereal a year and it is a $9 billion … Continue reading

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