Cereal Comparison : Lucky Charms VS Marshmallow Mateys


At least two or three times a week I like to eat cold cereal for breakfast. One of the cereals that I’ve always liked very much is Lucky Charms, made by General Mills. Yesterday, I finished-off a box of Lucky Charms and there is a full box sitting on a kitchen shelf.

Recently I had the opportunity to eat a Malt-O-Meal brand cereal alternative to Lucky Charms and I’m glad I did so. In my opinion Malt-O-Meal’s lower-priced alternatives to name brand cereals are just as good as their higher-priced counterparts.

Having purchased and enjoyed eating several varieties of Malt-O-Meal cereal previously I was thrilled to see a Malt-O-Meal alternative to Lucky Charms, named Marshmallow Mateys.

See the full clip HERE

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