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Malt-O-Meal® Announces Official Launch of


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Malt-O-Meal announces the official launch of The new Web site provides a fun way to challenge and inspire consumer thought surrounding excess food packaging and what “75% Less Packaging*. 100% Smarter.” means for the environment.

Site visitors are encouraged to learn more and participate in activities at a number of interactive areas on the site. Visitors are also asked to share their thoughts on the topic of reducing the amount of consumer packaging waste. The goal of the site is to urge consumers to make more conscious choices when purchasing products that will help reduce packaging waste at home. There is a video contest that prompts entrants to address the “75% Less Packaging*. 100% Smarter.” contest theme. Entrants must be members of the Malt-O-Meal Facebook Community to enter the video contest.

A humorous, animated short makes its debut on the new web site featuring an “odd couple” discussing the topic of excessive consumer packaging. Visitors are encouraged to comment and share their insights in the area provided on the new site.
 The Let’s Talk page of the new website addresses what is being said by consumers regarding the topic of consumer packaging waste, as well as feature a live feed of comments surrounding this, and other topics coming directly from members of the Malt-O-Meal Facebook Community. You can join the Malt-O-Meal Facebook Community by visiting:

*75% less packaging based on the net weight of empty consumer packaging per pound of cereal delivered. Even when their box size is smaller, the net weight of their box and empty inner bag is still greater than the net weight of the larger Malt-O-Meal® bag when empty.

3 Responses to Malt-O-Meal® Announces Official Launch of

  1. Jo Ann Thweatt says:

    I love the new packaging and your desire to make a “greeener” package. I am a big recycler. Can the package this now comes in be recycled? Cannot find the triangle with a number on it.


  2. faye williams says:

    The new packaging is so easy to handle and I love the fact that it can be recycled.The bulk of current cereal packages are gone so now I’m your biggest #1 fan.:]
    P.S. Keep it coming!!

  3. ed welniak says:

    I love the blueberry muffin tops flavor. It’s addictive! The trouble is I can’t find it at my favorite grocery store. Also, do you ever offer money saving coupons? Thanks

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