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Behind The Scenes Exclusive: Food Network’s Unwrapped


Tune in to Food Network’s “Unwrapped” Monday April 12 at 9PM Eastern time for an exclusive, behind-the-scenes glimpse of how the new Chocolatey Frosted Mini-Spooners(TM) cereal is made! On Monday’s episode of “Unwrapped” host Marc Summers will explore the world of 21st Century chocolate, including our newly introduced Chocolatey Frosted Mini-Spooners cereal.

Chocolatey Frosted Mini-Spooners cereal is based on our best selling Frosted Mini Spooners(R) cereal. How to describe Chocolatey Frosted Mini-Spooners… Sensible? Check. Decadent? You bet. We combined whole grain and chocolate to give our beloved cereal a delectable makeover. It is no wonder the “Unwrapped” team was anxious to learn more about Chocolatey Frosted Mini-Spooners!

The episode airing Monday at 9PM Eastern will make a stop at our state of the art production facilities, giving you a behind the scenes tour you can’t find anywhere else. Make sure to check your local listings to find out when “Unwrapped” airs in your town, local listings may vary and we don’t want you to miss out!

Not to worry, if you do happen to miss Monday’s episode, you can check it out after the air date on the Food Network website.

For more information on our new chocolatey cereals, visit

2 Responses to Behind The Scenes Exclusive: Food Network’s Unwrapped

  1. Thomason says:

    Well, we tried the Chocolatey Frosted Mini-Spooners and were beyond disappointed. My 6-year-old son likes the Kellogg’s Little Bites, likes the plain Frosted Mini-Spooners, and liked the Maple & Brown Sugar Mini-Spooners when they were available. He was happy to see me bring home the bag of Chocolatey Frosted Mini-Spooners for him, but the first morning he tried them he announced to his daddy that they tasted weird. My husband tried them and agreed and also says that he thinks they smell “minty”. I don’t get the minty part, but I agreed they smell a little odd. We’re back to the Kellogg product on this one!

    • Thank you for your comments. We depend on the valuable input of our customers to continue improving our products and new product ideas. I’m going to send your comments on to the appropriate department for consideration. Thanks again, and please continue to try our other varieties!

      Best to you and your family,

      MP Godfrey
      Team Malt-O-Meal

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